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Metro Magnets

What Are Metro Magnets?

Each set of Metro Magnets contains 175 magnetic strips that you can arrange together to form a series of subway lines and a transit system for your imaginary metropolis!

Who Should Buy Metro Magnets?

Metro Magnets are perfect for parties, at the office, in the classroom, or just on your fridge doors.

Can I Buy Metro Magnets in Stores?

Yes, there are retail stores in Toronto carrying the product. Check out our store listing.

Is There a Discount for Buying in Bulk?

For retailers, businesses, and organizations that wish to buy 10 or more sets of Metro Magnets, we can offer discounted pricing. Send an email to

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Who Makes Metro Magnets?

Metro Magnets are a product offered by Spacing, a magazine that covers urban issues in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and other cities in Canada. Spacing is considered a leading voice on Canadian urbanism and is the co-recipient of the 2010 Jane Jacobs Prize.

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